Travel Health

Organising your travel health needs is complex and involves much more than just getting a few vaccinations. We recommend that you get your travel health organised at least 6 weeks prior to departing.

Travel Health

Yellow fever – Please note we do not provide Yellow Fever vaccinations.

You will need to contact an alternative travel clinic that specialises in these vaccinations, ie Worldwise or The Travel Clinic at Wellington Accident and Medical Centre.



A Pre Travel Questionnaire will need to be completed for each person.

Travel Questionnaire Link

Please download the form, enable the editing function, save to your computer and return completed form to

Make sure you complete these forms comprehensively.

We will then complete your pre travel assessment (this can take up to 5 working days to process) and contact you to book you in for your recommended travel appointments. Please note that there is a charge at this point for the Nurses and Doctors time, regardless whether you are vaccinated or not. This charge covers the time taken to research and work out your vaccination requirements.

The type of appointment you need is dependent on what countries you are travelling to, activities you are undertaking and your personal health needs.

Doctor Consultations may be done via the phone or video to save you coming into the practice. Once you have had your vaccinations you will be required to remain in the medical centre for 15 minutes after the vaccination to enable the Nurse to observe you for any possible reactions.

Payment for vaccinations must be made on the day of your vaccinations. We do not offer any credit facilities for this service.

We have a comprehensive Travel First aid kit available to purchase for $45.

Price Lists click here

To get the most out of your Travel Consultation with us please come prepared by reading the following information and click into all the links.

The information below is designed to prepare you for your forthcoming overseas trip.

Note: Courtenay Medical is currently only providing Travel Consultations to its registered patients


Safe Travel – Official advice for New Zealanders living and travelling overseas.

It is important to register and update your travel plans on this site.

Once registered the NZ Government will be able to relay important information and account for your safety and wellbeing, as part of New Zealand’s consular response to an overseas emergency. This Site has a travel checklist and tips for safe travel.



Fit for travel – Information on how to stay safe and healthy abroad. This site lists countries so you can check out advice, news, resources etc. for each country you are visiting.

In particular, check out the malaria maps, rabies risk and map out your altitudes if applicable.



Other general travel advice links:



Travel Insurance – Ensure you take out Travel Insurance.

Your policy should cover any activities you plan to undertake (from scuba diving to scooter riding), personal liability, medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, and any pre-existing medical conditions. Even minor medical treatment can be very expensive overseas

Travel Health