Interpreter Services

Do you need an interpreter? We have a variety of options to help you when visiting the clinic. You are welcome to bring a friend, family member or chaperone to your consultation.

If this is not an option, here’s how we can help:

Limited English?

We can arrange for an interpreter to be onsite during your consultation. An interpreter can also be on a call for phone or video consultations. When booking your appointment please let us know if you need a translator and what language is required.


Hearing Impairment?

We can communicate with our patients through NZ Interpreting services and iSign.

Literacy Support

Our Community Support Worker can visit you at home to help you with understanding any documentation or medication information.

Things To Note:

Interpretation services are free for enrolled/registered patients.

Bookings must be made two business days in advance of the appointment. If it is urgent, we will do our best to get the appropriate interpreter available in a timely manner.