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Vaccine Rollout

Wellington Rollout update 16 June 2021

Wellington has started vaccinating our Group 3 priority population. Currently Group 3a are being contacted to be vaccinated at the Gateway centre or other pop up locations around Wellington.

Group 3a: Māori and Pacific 55+ and their 'āiga/whanau


We will be vaccinating the rest of Group 3 in the following order once we receive the vaccine which is anticipated for the end of July:


Group 3b: Patients with disabilities and co-morbidities  

Group 3c: Patients aged 80+

Group 3d: Patients aged 65+


You don’t need to do anything - we will contact you directly when it is your turn to book a vaccination appointment.

Everybody in Group 3 will be invited to book their appointment by the end of July.

The remainder of our patients will then follow these groups.

Thank you for your patience.


Covid-19 Vaccine message from the Director

“Hurry up and wait” and “Don’t call us we’ll call you. “

These phrases originated in the USA in the 1940s and likely described military and theatrical life respectively.

Unfortunately, for us all this is also an apt way to describe our collective experience of Covid vaccine planning and delivery information. We must all wait for the health department to advise when the delivery of vaccine to our door will occur. It is very uncomfortable for all of us, as the level of planning seems extraordinary. Our nurses are fully trained to give vaccines and have completed extra on-line learning for this specific vaccine. The level of professional information we receive regarding delivery date is the same as the public announcements. We have been ready for over two months and prepared to commence vaccination here at Courtenay Medical.  However, there is no delivery date of the Covid vaccine to our door. We are motivated to vaccinate professionally and efficiently.

So in a kind and shortened version, “Don’t call us.” However, unlike the theatre or movie cliché brush off, everyone in NZ is going to get the Covid vaccine this year. It might take longer than we all want.

Be assured once we know a reliable Covid vaccine delivery date we will send reliable information.

“We’ll call you”

Kind regards

Dave Pickett

Director Courtenay Medical


Information If You Are Unwell

If you have any respiratory symptoms and have been in contact with someone with or suspected Covid-19 or recent travel connection, please isolate yourself at home and contact us by phone.


For more information, please contact the Ministry of Health hotline on 0800 358 5453 or click here for more information

  • Click here for Helpful hints to stay well or
  • Click here for NZ Government Unite against COVID-19

If you have made an appointment and then develop cold and 'flu' symptoms, please contact our reception for instructions

If you have been advised by the healthline team to see your GP, please stay home and call us on 04 801-5228 and speak to one of our nurses.

Covid-19 Vaccine Information

We will advise all our patients as soon as the vaccine is available for the general public. In the meantime please refer to the vaccine update information below:


Vaccine Update

As with the flu vaccines we will notify you when they have arrived in the practice or you can visit our website as we will post information re the Covid vaccines on our dedicated Covid-19 page  https://www.cmed.co.nz/covid-19/

When both the COVID-19 and influenza immunisations are available there is a 2 week time frame between getting the Flu and Covid Vaccines.

Below are Guidelines dependent on whether you get you Covid or flu vaccination first.  Our Nurses will know exactly your time frame.

Schedule A

Day 0 Day 21 Day 35 (or later)
COVID-19 dose one COVID-19 dose two Influenza

Schedule B

Day 0 Day 14 (or later) Day 35 (or 21 days after COVID-19 dose one))
Influenza COVID-19 dose two COVID-19 dose two

It is expected from July onwards there will be the wider public roll out



Vaccine Resources

The office of the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor has put together information and videos to answer just about any question you might have regarding the COVID 19 vaccines.

Collated information by the Prime Minister’s Chief Science Advisor: COVID-19 Vaccines | Office of the Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor (pmcsa.ac.nz)



Immunisation Advisory Centre


Repatriation Covid Swabs

Courtenay Medical does Covid repatriation swabs for both registered and casual patients.

Please contact us on 04 801 5228 to book your appointment once you have your confirmed departure date. Dependent on your flight time you may need to have your Repatriation swab done by the lab wellington SCL, details below.

Our costs are:

  • Registered patient $86.50 PLUS cost of the swab $138 payable at the lab
  • Casual patient $187.50 PLUS cost of the swab $138 payable at the lab

Wellington SCL preform Covid-19 pre-departure testing, click on the links below to find out more


Covid-19 Resources

www.covid19.govt.nz - For updated information please go to NZ Government Unite against COVID-19

https://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/get-help/covid-19/ - If you are having any anxiety issues this site may assist you and your family.
https://youtu.be/BmvNCdpHUYM - FACE COVID – How to respond effectively to the corona crisis