Covid-19 Booster Vaccines

 Boosters are now available at Courtenay Medical. Boosters provide an extra layer of protection to your previous vaccination and keep your immunity levels high. All COVID-19 boosters are free. Please phone reception 04 801 5228 to book in your Covid Booster. Additional COVID-19 boosters continue to be available for:

  • Everyone aged 30 and over
  • All pregnant, aged 16 or over and
  • Everyone aged 12 to 29 who is higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19

If you are not an enrolled patient with Courtenay medical you can use the Book My vaccine site and book a vaccine with us.

For COVID-19 vaccination advice call 0800 28 29 26 (8am – 8pm 7 days a week)

Covid Antiviral Medications

Covid Antiviral medications are now widely available for Covid infections. They are effective at reducing risk of more severe illness. If you get Covid we have 5 days to prescribe, although sooner is better. If you fit the criteria for antivirals and have a positive result please call us, so we can arrange a free phone consult with your doctor to prescribe the antivirals. We do monitor results coming in, if we see that you are potentially eligible, we will call you if we have not heard from you already.

All people aged 65 and over are potentially eligible. Other people are eligible depending on the number of other health conditions or ethnicity risk. Check your eligibility COVID-19 treatments – antiviral medicines | Healthify

Covid Care In The Community

Most people who get COVID-19 will have a mild to moderate illness, and will fully recover in their own home. For those who need help, the healthcare system will always be available.

For COVID-19 health advice call 0800 358 5453 anytime.

Healthify is a good website for covid care information

Covid-19 Resources

If you have any respiratory symptoms and have been in contact with someone with or suspected Covid-19 or recent travel connection, please isolate yourself at home and contact us by phone.


For more information, please contact the Ministry of Health hotline on 0800 358 5453 or click here for more information