Letter to Dr Hui Wang’s patients
November 15, 2022

Dr Hui Wang would like to advise you that she is moving to Melbourne in January 2023. Dr Hui Wang will continue to look after you, if you would like to remain registered with her, or we can help you transfer to another GP at the practice. She will be working Tuesday to Friday 10.30 am to 2.30pm doing video consultations from mid-January 2023. These can be booked via the ManageMyHealth portal app or by phoning the practice. For those patients not able to access the technology there will be an opportunity for you to come into the practice to have your video consult set up by our Primary Care Practice Assistant Lidia or a nurse. They will also be able to take blood pressure, weight, temperature etc. for Dr Wang, this will be called an in-clinic video appointment.

It has been a real pleasure for Dr Hui Wang to look after you all these past 2.5 years and wish you all well for the Christmas season and beyond. Her last in person consultation day will be Fri 23rd Dec 2022.


Practical aspects and tips for virtual consultations are as below:

Fees for all video consultations are the same rate as a face-to-face consultation.
Virtual consultations have limitations with low resolution video.
So please book for an in person consult with another doctor for the following:

    1. If acutely unwell with chest pain or shortness of breath.
    2. Problems that require a physical examination eg small or difficult areas of the body. In some cases you may send in high resolution pictures the day prior to consult about them via video.
    3. ACC injuries new or ongoing. ACC can only cover for consultations done by doctors in New Zealand.


For video consultations, please ensure:

  • Your device is fully charged and connected to the internet
  • Your device’s microphone and video are enabled
  • You are in a suitably private area.
  • If needing translator services, please book an in-clinic appointment and ask for a translator to be booked. Please advise the practice if you have arranged your own translator, as you require a longer appointment

Please feel free to contact our Reception Team if you have any further questions.