Courtenay Medical Update November 2022
November 15, 2022

It is time for Dr Hui Wang and Dr Rathi Rajasekaran to leave Courtenay Medical. Dr Hui is moving to Melbourne with her family, but will continue to work for us via video, and Dr Rathi is moving to Auckland with her family. Both doctors final day is 23rd December 2022. We thank them both for their time here at Courtenay Medical they will be missed.
As you will be well aware we have a critical shortage of GP’s and Nurses in New Zealand, we are working hard to recruit new staff to our team. However we need to make some changes to enable us to continue to work sustainably and professionally.


What we will do

Doctors will remain available for consultations both in person via telephone or video. Nurse telephone consultations to help meet your needs. Virtual clinics; this is an opportunity to provide reports, forms and medical certificates when able without compromising your clinic time.

The cost of these new services will be made available to you before you access them.


What can you do to help us

Please do not be surprised if you are asked to book another appointment to complete all matters. There is a limit to what can be achieved in a 15 minute appointment. Telephone Reception for a same day appointment, if unwell on the day or to cancel an existing appointment. Activate ManageMyHealth if you have not already done so. Use your ManageMyHealth for all routine scripts and routine clinic bookings

For all non-urgent free medical advice please phone Healthline 0800 611 116 or visit

Or visit Health Navigator at Both these resources are excellent