Human Papillomavirus Immunisation Update
February 7, 2017

From 1st January 2017 eligibility for the funded HPV vaccine will be extended to include males aged 9-26 inclusively and females aged 20-26 inclusively, in addition to girls aged 9-20 who are currently funded.

HPV is a very common virus that is spread through intimate skin contact. The vaccine is designed to protect you from HPV infection and HPV related cancers, such as cervical, anal, genital and some throat and mouth cancers. Eight out of ten people will become infected with HPV at some time in their life. Most infections get better on their own but some may cause cell changes in the body that can lead to cancer later in life.

The vaccine is very effective in preventing infection from the HPV types that are most likely to cause cancer. HPV immunisation has an excellent safety profile similar to any other childhood vaccine and offers long-lasting protection.

Your age will determine if you require two or three injections given over six months to offer you the best protection. The course must be started prior to your 27th birthday. Those vaccinated at a younger age have a stronger immune response so the sooner you get vaccinated the better. Please make an appointment with the practice nurse to receive your free HPV vaccination.

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